Sit Back Triangle Escape

  • Hero is Opp Triangle
  • Hero Right Arm is in the Triangle
  1. Hero R + L Hands ->Opp Belt, Hero pushes belt away and postures
    • this will sometimes break the triangle but not likely
  2. Hero R Hand ->Opp R Wrist Gi
  3. Hero steps each leg up and then sits on butt; R Foot -> Opp L Armpit; L Foot ->Opp R Armpit
  4. Hero kicks and arches back breaking Opp Triangle
  5. Hero swims R Arm under Opp R Leg and pushes it -> R
  6. Hero scissors Legs and comes -> R Craddle position

Here is a breakdown by Submissions 101 whose videos I have found very useful over the years. In the video he does it with his left arm being in the triangle but it is easy to see the concept. He also crosses his feet over the Opp stomach instead of putting them to the Opp Armpit.

Half Guard -> Escape -> Breakdown Opponent -> Side Control

  • Hero is in R Half Guard on R Hip
  • Hero R Leg UH -> Opp R Leg; Hero R Foot hooks Over Back of Opp R Calf
  • Hero L Leg OH Opp R Leg
  1. Hero R + L Leg/Knees sqeeze together and push/pull Opp L and up towards Hero Head; (AST) Hero R Arm drives -> Opp L Armpit
    • This is to get Opp to post R Arm -> Hero L above Hero L Shoulder
  2.  Hero switches hips hard -> Hero R Hip (AST) Hero L Arm -> Opp R back deep
  3. Hero gets into a smaller ball, gets head out from Opp R armpit and Hero L Arm OH -> Opp R Leg
    • getting head out is critical to escape
  4. Hero R Leg releases hook and goes -> inside of Opp R Leg
  5. Hero L Ankle/Shin slides -> under Opp R Ankle and drives Opp R Ankle hard -> R
    • this is also critical as it torques Opp Knee -> R which will help force movemnt of Opp
  6. Hero body pivots more -> R to come to knees
  7. Hero R ankle -> under Hero L ankle
    • this cross helps secure Opp R Leg
  8. Hero posts R Leg
  9. Hero R Hand -> Opp R Ankle Gi; Hero lifts Opp R leg -> outside of Hero R Hip
  10. Hero R Hand -> OH Opp R Inner Thigh
  11. Hero L Hand -> Opp L Inner Knee
  12. Hero drives on 45 degrees -> L to take Opp down
    • this puts lots of pressure and torque on Opp R knee
  13. Hero can now choose position to transition to ie side control, full mount etc…

Bonus: Half Guard Escape -> Whizzer Counter Sweep

  • from step 3 above
  • Opp  counters single leg by Opp R Arm Whizzer -> Hero L arm
  • Hero continues with steps above 4, 5, 6, 7… Step 1 below is following Step 7
  1. Hero R Hand dives under -> Opp L Ankle (AST) Hero rolls over on R shoulder
  2. Hero continues to hold Opp and pulls Opp body overtop -> R finishing sweep -> R


Fundamental Triangle Finish

  • Hero has Opp in basic triangle entry
  • Hero R Leg (UH) Opp L arm; Hero R Leg -> Opp R Back
  • Hero L Leg (OH – overhook) Opp R Arm/Shoulder
  • Hero L Ankle -> Back of Hero R Ankle
  1. Hero lifts Hips up (Bridges)
  2. Hero L Arm/Hand -> Opp L Elbow
  3. Hero pull Opp L arm -> L
  4. Hero R Hand -> Back of Opp Head on L Side
    • This helps to continually break Opp Posture
  5. Hero L Hand switches with Hero R Hand; Hero L Hand -> Opp R Back of Head
  6. Hero R Hand -> Hero L Shin
  7. Hero R Foot -> Opp L Hip
    • this helps pivot Hero -> L
  8. Hero R Foot drops -> Ground R
    • this creates even more angle for Hero
  9. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Inner Thigh
    • this again helps with the rotation
  10. Hero turns L -> 90 degrees
    • this sometimes creates a gap at Opp neck and with Hero L Leg
  11. In order to get rid of this gap Hero L Leg straightens and then Hero pushes L Leg deeper -> Opp R Neck and finally reclamps
  12. Hero R Leg/Back of Knee -> Hero L Shin/Ankle
  13. Hero flexes both feet up; Brings Heels -> butt and lifts hips to finish triangle
  14. Also Hero squeezes R and L Knees together

Stephen Kesting is a good friend of mine and I own a bunch of his DVDs and Apps. The following video has a detailed explanation of the fundamental triangle choke sequence. While I have never met Elliot I think he is also an excellent instructor. There is a wealth of info in their spider guard series.

Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting teach you how to tighten your triangle choke. From ‘Spider Guard Masterclass’, available on DVD –


Closed Guard Trap Arm Pressure Pass

I learned this pass from a friend of mine a long time ago and had forgotten a bunch of steps until he retaught it to me recently. While it is in fresh in my mind I figured I better get some “Jiu Jitsu Notes” done on it…

  • Opp has Hero in Closed Guard
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Hip Gi; Hero keeps R Elbow back and tight to R Side
  2. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Wrist Gi; Hero pulls Opp R Arm deep -> Hero L Hip; Again Hero L Elbow stays tight to side.
  3. Hero R Leg steps back and L at about 45 degrees; (AST – At same time) Hero R Knee -> Opp Tail Bone
  4. Hero drives upper body and hips back and L to break Opp Closed Guard
  5. Hero steps L Leg forward and steps on to L foot with Knee bent.
    • Hero keeps L Knee squeezing tightly -> R
  6. Hero L Arm pulls Opp R Arm deep and -> Outside of Hero L Leg
    • Again Hero L Elbow stays tight to side.
  7. Hero L Hand transfers Opp R Wrist Gi -> Hero R Hand
    • Hero pulls Opp R Arm back deep to R Hip
  8. Hero swims L Arm inside and under Opp R Leg (UH)
    • Hero brings Opp L Leg -> Hero L Shoulder
  9. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Gi Collar thumb in
    • Hero can drive forearm across Opp neck to make this uncomfortable
  10. Hero stays up on toes during transition for added pressure; Knees do not touch the ground
  11. Hero R Arm will be under (UH) Opp R thigh after transition to side while still holding Opp R Wrist Gi
    • Hero R Hand can go -> Opp Belt
    • Hero can pull up on Opp Back/Belt to add even more stack pressure
  12. Hero R Arm and Upper body drives Opp on to L Side to complete the pass

Z Guard -> Seated 1/2 Guard Pass -> Knee Shield Pass -> Reverse Step Over -> Knee Bar

This is another terrific sequence but….. it is going to be hard to break down. Will try to be clear as possible…

  • Opp has Hero in R Z Guard
  1. Hero R Arm/Hand (UH) -> Opp L Inner Thigh
  2. Hero L Arm -> Opp L Back of Neck Collar Gi
  3. (AST) Hero turns body -> R and sits L Hip -> Ground
    • Hero is now facing to Opp feet
    • Hero L Knee -> Opp R Hip/Stomach which prevents Opp from turning R into Hero
    • There are a few passing options from here but we are going to say that Hero decides to turn back L to a Knee slice
  4. Hero turns L and Hero R + L Hands -> L + R above Opp Head; (AST)
  5. Hero L Leg posts -> L; Hero R Knee -> Ground
    • this is kind of like a knee slice
    • in this case Opp 1/4 guards Hero R Ankle
  6. Hero L leg reverse steps backwards -> Opp L side
    • Hero is again facing Opp Feet
  7. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Ankle
  8. Hero Head/Torso -> L and towards Opp Feet (AST) Hero R Hand -> Opp R Leg Back of knee
  9. Hero R Leg drives deep between Opp Legs (try to get hip on hip)
    • this is critical to set up for the knee bar
    • Hero needs to drive both legs deep -> Opp BackGlute area
  10. Hero R + L Ankle cross
  11. Hero L Arm Swims (UH) inside Opp L Leg
    • from here Hero can finish knee bar by driving Hips forward
    • if this fails there is also an ankle lock -> Opp R ankle
  12. Hero L Hand -> tip of Opp R foot; Hero L Arm (UH) Opp R Shin and Hero R Hand -> Hero L Forearm
    • Hero finishes ankle lock here

Okay those are the notes from one of my latest classes. I really like the movement ideas that are in this sequence but…. while doing a bit of research I came across one of Dean Lister’s youtube video which kind of destroys a couple of things above in relation with attacking the Knee bar and the Ankle Lock so I attached his video below. I am a big fan of Dean Lister and hope to train with at his gym one day.



Open Guard -> Turtle Attack -> Dope Mount -> Head and Arm -> Mount -> Triangle

Phew that is a lot to take in… but this is a nice sequence. I will break each one down to the best of my ability and try to get some videos linked that highlight each phase. Hope you enjoy and find it useful!

  • Open Guard Pass
  • Hero is standing in Opp Open Guard
  • Opp is leaning to Opp R side
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Hip Gi; Hero R Arm is inside of Opp L Leg
  2. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Knee Gi; Hero L Arm is forcing Opp R Leg -> Ground
  3. Hero Sprawls R + L Legs and keeps hips high
  4. Hero L Arm drives Opp R Knee down and -> R
    • this forces Opp onto L side and allows Hero to pass Opp guard/legs
    • in this case Opp chooses to go to turtle; rolling away from Hero
  5. Hero follows Opp with R Leg/Knee -> Opp L Leg/Hip area; Hero L Leg is posted -> L
    • Hero is now on Opp L side with Opp in Turtle Position
    • This now transitions into the Turtle Attack
  6. Hero R Arm goes over Opp Back and Hero R Hand -> Opp R Inner Thigh
  7. Hero uses R Arm to pull Opp back onto L side
    • sometimes it is good to get a reaction here by pushing the Opp -> R and when they counter back L assist their momentum back -> L
    • Opp is pulled back on to their L Side which sets up for the Dope mount and Head + Arm Attack
  8. As Opp is falling onto L side Hero R Leg -> between Opp R + L Leg
  9. Hero R Arm -> Opp R Neck; (AST) Hero Head -> Opp R Shoulder (ear to shoulder)
  10. Hero windshield wipers legs; Hero L Shin -> R to trap Opp L Thigh and Hero R Leg -> (OH – Overhook) Opp R Leg
    • Hero is now in Dope mount and is setup for Head and Arm Choke
    • from here it is important for hero to sink Head and Arm deep by driving Hero R Arm hard -> L
  11. Hero L Leg slides up  -> Opp R side to secure mount
    • Important to pin Opp Shoulders -> Ground
  12. Hero jumps R + L Leg -> L and stays up on toes with hips in air
    • from here Hero can finish Head + Arm Choke by dropping hips, staying on toes and walking legs/body around clockwise -> L
    • but we are going to say that Opp defends by either putting arms together or doing ‘telephone’ defence
    • from here we are going to transition from failed Head and Arm -> Triangle
  13. Hero L Arm/Hand -> Opp Gi Stomach
    • this is just a bait to make Opp think you are attacking his Gi
    • Opp defends with L Hand by trying to block Hero L Arm/Hand
  14. Hero L Hand -> Opp L Wrist Gi and pulls Opp Arm -> L
    • this is the trap
  15. Hero L Knee slides up -> Opp R Shoulder/Back
  16. Hero R Leg steps over Opp L Arm; Hero R foot -> back of Opp L Neck
    • kind of like ‘S Mount’
    • through this transition Hero maintains downward shoulder pressure
  17. Hero L Hand -> Hero R Shin
    • this is setting up for triangle
  18. Hero R Hand -> Hero R Back of thigh
    • this is a very strong position as it effectively traps Opp L Arm in place
  19. Hero rolls -> R and on to back; (AST – At same time) Hero L foot -> Opp R Hip
    • Hero stabilizes position in anticipation of applying triangle
  20. Hero L Back of Knee -> Hero R ankle
    • from here Hero finishes triangle by pulling down on head, squeezing knees together etc…
    • there is also a strong armlock throughout this  triangle that can be applied to Opp R Arm





Single Leg X Shin to Shin Entry

  1. Hero is in butterfly guard; Hands out ready to block
  2. Opp is standing
  3. Hero R + L Hand -> Opp R Knee
  4. Hero L shin -> Opp R Shin
  5. Hero L Arm OH (Overhook Outside -> Inside) Opp R Leg; Hero locks Opp R Leg to chest
  6. Hero R Foot/Leg -> up between Opp Legs
  7. Hero swings under and -> R pulling Opp R Leg onto Hero upper body
  8. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Knee Gi
  9. Hero L Leg kicks up lifting Opp slightly
  10. Hero L Leg UH (underhooks) Opp R Leg; Hero lifts hips up; Hero L foot -> Opp R Hip
  11. Hero R Shin/Knee -> inside of Opp R Leg/Thigh
    • It is critical to lift legs and squeeze knees together
  12. Hero L Hand -> Hero L Hamstring; Hero Keeps Opp R Ankle in L Armpit
    • This allows for leg attacks and sweeps
    • Another option as shown in the video below is for Hero to OH Opp R Ankle/Shin

Below is a video the demonstrates this in a drill format. The video was published by Alliance Jiu-Jitsu DFW – Martial Arts & Fitness and is a good demonstration of this entry.


Lasso Guard Knee and Arm Sweep

  • Opp is on knees
  • Hero is using Open Guard
  1. Hero R + L Hands -> Opp R + L Wrist Gi
  2. Hero R + L Feet => Opp R + L Hips
    • Hero pushes with both legs to create space
  3. Hero L Leg posts L and pushes Hero Torso slightly -> R
    • This creates an angle to help Hero Lasso Opp R Arm
  4. Hero L Leg Lasso’s Opp R Arm (outside -> in); Hero Ankle -> Opp R Armpit
  5. Hero R Arm pulls Opp L Arm tightly towards Hero Head
    • this is important to off balance you Opp and protect from possible leg attacks
  6. Hero R  Foot -> Hero L Foot; this brings Hero R Knee/Leg across Opp R + L Hips
    • this position is the bait to bring Opp around to Hero R side
  7. When Opp moves to Hero R; Hero R Arm -> UH Opp L Leg/back of Knee
  8. Hero then elevates Opp up and -> L; Hero sitsups and drives Opp -> L to finish sweep

Below is a Lasso Series Sweep Video. I don’t know the instructor’s name but this video came from BJJVision on youtube. It is a good series. The above sweep is the first one in the series.

Lasso Guard “Push(knee kick)/Scissor Sweep”

  • Opp is on knees
  • Hero is using Open Guard
  1. Hero R + L Hands -> Opp R + L Wrist Gi
  2. Hero R + L Feet => Opp R + L Hips
    • Hero pushes with both legs to create space
  3. Hero L Leg posts L and pushes Hero Torso slightly -> R
    • This creates an angle to help Hero Lasso Opp R Arm
  4. Hero L Leg Lasso’s Opp R Arm (outside -> in); Hero Ankle -> Opp R Armpit
  5. Hero R Arm pulls Opp L Arm tightly towards Hero Head
    • this is important to off balance you Opp and protect from possible leg attacks.
  6. Hero R foot kicks -> Opp L knee (AST) Hero L Leg Scissors/Kicks -> R to sweep Opp
  7. Hero follows Opp -> Full Mount

Below is a good video from Dawg Jiu Jitsu’s Mike Weichert that demonstrates this technique. Mike doesn’t do a push/kick to his Opp L Knee but instead goes for a straight up scissor sweep from the Lasso Guard. Depends what the Opp is presenting to you.


Closed Guard to Standing Pass

  • Hero is in Opp Closed Guard
  • Opp L Hand -> Hero L Lapel Gi
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Gi Wrist
    • Opp L Hand is dangerous here and ideally it would be good to break the grip but either way it is important to defend it.
    • In the video below Kurt Osiander(who has excellent videos) show this part Opposite and he breaks the grip. But everything else is much the same.
  2. Hero L Hand/Forearm -> Opp R Gi Belt/Inner Thigh
  3. Hero steps R Foot/Leg up and then L Foot/Leg Up
    • Important to stand up first on the side that the Opp Arm is trapped
    • Hero is now standing with good posture
  4. Hero L Elbow/Arm -> Opp R inner thigh and drives down -> ground (breaking closed guard)
    • As this happens Hero keeps R Foot on ground knee bent at 90 degrees
    • Opp L Leg is on top of Hero R Thigh
    • Hero L Knee falls -> ground
  5. Hero L Knee -> Opp R inner thigh and stays tight -> Opp R Outer Hip
    • Hero needs to keep Opp R Leg trapped tight -> ground
  6. Hero L Arm UH Opp L Leg; bring Opp L Leg -> Hero R Shoulder/Neck
  7. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Gi Collar/Back of neck
    • Hero needs to step R Leg up tight to Opp L Side
    • This is a very powerful position
  8. Hero reverse scissors R Leg backwards -> L
  9. Hero L Leg -> L which releases Opp R inner thigh
  10. Hero switches hips back -> R; (AST – At same time) Hero steps R Leg -> back of Opp R thigh in order to push Opp onto L Hip
    • Hero comes to R Cradle Position around Opp R Hip

The following video is by Kurt Osiander who is one of my favorite BJJ Instructors on Youtube. His videos are straight forward and no Bullshit. As was stated above he breaks the initial grip which is ideal.