Closed Guard Pass: From the Knees to Combat Base

Closed Guard Pass: From the Knees

  • Opp has Hero in Closed Gaurd
  • Opp has Hero Broken Down (broken posture)
  • Hero Feet are flat with tops ->ground
  1. Hero R(right) + L(left) Hands in “flat knuckle” position (or simply hands open) -> (means “go to”) Opp R + L Armpit
  2. Hero fights up to postured postion with one hand at time while keeping elbows in tight and bent
  3. Hero R + L Hands ->(go to) Opp R + L Gi Hips; Hero elbows are back, tight to sides, bent and inside Opp R + L Leg
    • Hero hands are flared slightly to outside; they are putting pressure on the ‘boney’ point of the hips which creates added pressure.
    • in the video below Jason Scully keeps his right hand ->sternum Gi
  4. Hero R + L feet go up on toes with heel off the ground (in the video below Jason Scully likes to keep the feet flat for balance)
    • this applies pressure to Opp Legs
  5. Hero turns roughly 45 degrees L; Hero L knee goes ->L; hero R Knee -> to Opp tail bone.
  6. Hero snaps body backwards and -> L to break Opp Closed Gaurd
  7. Hero R Knee -> up between Opp Legs; hero is on toes with Heel off the ground
    • this is an excellent ready/balanced position (“Combat Base”)
    • this is the end of the video below and there are many ways to finish the pass but here is one option
  8. Hero L Elbow pushes Opp R thigh -> ground which generally helps bring Opp L Leg up.
  9. Hero R Arm -> UH(underhook) Opp L Leg; hero brings Opp L Leg -> Hero R Neck
    • Hero R Arm maintains tight control of Opp L Leg; option is for Hero R Hand -> Opp R Lapel Neck with thumb in
  10. (AST as step 9) Hero L Shin -> across Opp R thigh
    • Hero can stay in this position now as it is an excellent controlling position.
    • Opp will dictate which way Hero will go to finish pass.

Option #1 to finish pass:

  • Opp pushes on Hero L knee to block pass to Opp R side
  1. Hero Pivots L and drives Opp L Leg -> ground
  2. (AST) Hero R Hand -> Opp R Lapel or back of Opp neck

Option #2 to finish pass:

  • Opp L Leg drives against Hero
  1. Hero reverse steps R Leg backwards
  2. Hero switches hips backĀ  and drives Opp R
  3. Hero takes side control.

Excellent video below by Jason Scully. He has a ton of great videos that have been helpful for me.


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