Neck and Tricep Butterfly Sweep to Guillotine Submission


#1 Neck and Tricep Butterfly Sweep 

  • Hero is in butterfly position at medium range
  • Opp in kneeling position
  1. Hero R and L hands must engage Opp R and L Hands (follow the Opp Hands)
    • this helps prevent Opp grips from being established
  2. Hero R and L Legs extend slightly and bring Hero closer to Opp (close range)
  3. Hero R Hand -> (to) Opp L back of Neck (AST: At same time) Hero L Hand ->Opp R Tricep
  4. Hero R Foot -> Opp L Inner Thigh (AST) Hero L foot tucks under Hero R thigh
  5. (AST) Hero R foot lifts Opp L Leg, Hero Head drops 90 degrees L to ground, and Hero R + L Arms pull Opp -> L
    • this is the main action of the sweep
  6. Hero follows Opp and aims to end up on top of Opp in either R Half Guard or Side Control

#2 Guillotine Submission

  • At Step #7 above the Opp bases his R Knee and R  Arm to the mat (in video below it is opposite)
  • Hero changes direction to attack with a Guillotine Submission
  1. (AST) Hero R Hand pulls Opp back of neck down, Hero Sits Up and Hero L Arm sinks under Opp Neck to Guillotine Position
  2. Hero R Hand -> Hero L Hand and Hero R Elbow -> the Sky (90 degrees up) (AST) Hero turns over on to L side
    • the elbow at 90 degrees helps keep the Opp down which assists with the Submission
  3. At this point the Opp often posts the R Leg to allow for the sweep because of pressure. Hero can prevent this by “quarter guarding” Opp R Leg
    • Hero L Leg UH(underhook) Opp L Leg; Hero L ankle -> back of Hero R Knee
    • Hero can now finish the submission

This video by Marcelo Garcia is excellent. Marcelo is by far one of my favorite’s to watch and learn from.



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