Baratoplata Shoulder Lock from Mount

Baratoplata Shoulder Lock from Mount

  • These steps attack the Opp L Shoulder (do opposite for R Shoulder)
  • Hero is mounted on top of Opp
  • Opp arms are in tight to defend (Home Alone Position)
  1. Hero R Arm -> UH Opp L Arm; (attack the bottom arm); Hero R Hand -> either the Opp L Wrist or to tie both arms up then the R Wrist
  2. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Elbow/Arm to hold it down
  3. Hero steps R leg up so knee is bent and R foot is on the ground.
  4. Hero steps L Leg over Opp (AST) turning R; Hero L foot ends up at Opp L Neck
  5. Hero R Hand -> Hero L Thigh (locking Opp L Arm in place
  6. Hero L Arm -> L Mat to adjust body as needed
    • Important for Hero to get underhook on Opp R Arm to keep Opp from moving/following Hero during submission
  7. Hero turns back L and sits hips down on the L side of Opp to finish Submission
  • Often at this point the Opp will feel danger and the Opp will bridge to their R to put Hero on their back
  • Hero maintains grips during this transition and can finish the Baratoplata from the bottem
  1. Hero Left hand -> Opp L back of Elbow
  2. Hero L Leg clamps down on Opp L shoulder and back to secure position
  3. Hero R Foot -> Opp L Hip
  4. Hero pushes with R Foot/Leg and moves hips to outside to finish Shoulder Lock

This video by Rafael “Barata” Freitas from Gracie Barra does an excellent job demonstrating the Baratoplata. Both it and my Jiu Jitsu Notes have helped me mentally understand it and to physically execute it while rolling.

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