Modified Palm Up/Palm Down Choke from Mount

Modified Palm Up/Palm Down Choke from Mount

  • Hero is mounted on Opp
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp R Lapel 4 Fingers In
    • Opp now knows that you are going for a cross choke
  2. Hero L Arm -> inside Opp R Arm; Hero L Hand -> Mat and then Hero transitions L Elbow -> Mat
    • this helps isolate/kill Opp R Arm
    • Hero probably needs to lean slightly -> L to keep from being tossed/swept
  3. Hero L Arm reaches around -> top of Opp Head
    • Hero L Thumb -> Opp L Collar Gi; Hero Grips the collar
  4. Hero Forehead -> mat next to Opp L Head/Neck
    • this stabilizes Hero in position to keep from being swept again
    • this also allows room for elbow to come across Opp face in next step
  5. Hero L Wrist/Forearm -> Opp L face; grind across Opp face
    • Opp will defend this grinding action with R Hand which leads to step 6
    • Hero is driving Opp Head into Hero R Wrist
  6. Hero lets L Forearm slide onto Opp neck and drives Forearm down to the mat to finish choke
  7. Hero drops chest down on top of L Wrist/Forearm to  apply more pressure during Choke.

I found this modification in to the Palm Up/Palm Down Choke in the following video. Keenan Cornelius is excellent at breaking down moves. I have found his  videos extremely effective and useful. Really hoping to hit one of his classes one day.

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