Cross Grip Open Guard Pass

  • Hero is standing in Opp Open Guard
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp R Gi Ankle
  2. Hero does a little shuffle step with R + L Legs -> L  (AST) Hero slides R knee to the inside of Hero R Arm (Keenan below in the video explains this is as the outside of the R Arm but for me it is easier to remember this as inside Hero R Arm)
    • Hero applies pressure with R Arm and R Leg -> Opp R Thigh; Hero R Hand is maintaining the Gi Grip at the Opp R Ankle
    • Hero is bending legs and posting L Leg to L
    • Opp will normally defend this with L Knee Shield
  3. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Collar Gi
  4. Hero applies pressure to Opp L Knee/leg and torso by lifting hips into the air with Hero L Leg
    • This is a key point because if done correctly it will kill the Opp L Knee because Hero Torso will come over top of the knee and will driving it down to the ground effectively neutralizing it.
  5. Hero walks around to North South while maintaining grips effectively passing the guard.

One of my instructors recently introduced me to this concept. I am sure it is not the first time that I have been shown this but it finally started to click and sink in as a viable option. It has proven to be very effective

Below Keenan Cornelius breaks down this guard pass incredibly well. Keenan’s videos are excellent and I hope to attend a seminar of his and train with him some day. He starts by explaining the ideas of basic guard passing (breaking grips etc..). At approximately 4:45 he starts breaking down this Pass.


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