Lasso Guard “Push(knee kick)/Scissor Sweep”

  • Opp is on knees
  • Hero is using Open Guard
  1. Hero R + L Hands -> Opp R + L Wrist Gi
  2. Hero R + L Feet => Opp R + L Hips
    • Hero pushes with both legs to create space
  3. Hero L Leg posts L and pushes Hero Torso slightly -> R
    • This creates an angle to help Hero Lasso Opp R Arm
  4. Hero L Leg Lasso’s Opp R Arm (outside -> in); Hero Ankle -> Opp R Armpit
  5. Hero R Arm pulls Opp L Arm tightly towards Hero Head
    • this is important to off balance you Opp and protect from possible leg attacks.
  6. Hero R foot kicks -> Opp L knee (AST) Hero L Leg Scissors/Kicks -> R to sweep Opp
  7. Hero follows Opp -> Full Mount

Below is a good video from Dawg Jiu Jitsu’s Mike Weichert that demonstrates this technique. Mike doesn’t do a push/kick to his Opp L Knee but instead goes for a straight up scissor sweep from the Lasso Guard. Depends what the Opp is presenting to you.


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