Single Leg X Shin to Shin Entry

  1. Hero is in butterfly guard; Hands out ready to block
  2. Opp is standing
  3. Hero R + L Hand -> Opp R Knee
  4. Hero L shin -> Opp R Shin
  5. Hero L Arm OH (Overhook Outside -> Inside) Opp R Leg; Hero locks Opp R Leg to chest
  6. Hero R Foot/Leg -> up between Opp Legs
  7. Hero swings under and -> R pulling Opp R Leg onto Hero upper body
  8. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Knee Gi
  9. Hero L Leg kicks up lifting Opp slightly
  10. Hero L Leg UH (underhooks) Opp R Leg; Hero lifts hips up; Hero L foot -> Opp R Hip
  11. Hero R Shin/Knee -> inside of Opp R Leg/Thigh
    • It is critical to lift legs and squeeze knees together
  12. Hero L Hand -> Hero L Hamstring; Hero Keeps Opp R Ankle in L Armpit
    • This allows for leg attacks and sweeps
    • Another option as shown in the video below is for Hero to OH Opp R Ankle/Shin

Below is a video the demonstrates this in a drill format. The video was published by Alliance Jiu-Jitsu DFW – Martial Arts & Fitness and is a good demonstration of this entry.


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