Z Guard -> Seated 1/2 Guard Pass -> Knee Shield Pass -> Reverse Step Over -> Knee Bar

This is another terrific sequence but….. it is going to be hard to break down. Will try to be clear as possible…

  • Opp has Hero in R Z Guard
  1. Hero R Arm/Hand (UH) -> Opp L Inner Thigh
  2. Hero L Arm -> Opp L Back of Neck Collar Gi
  3. (AST) Hero turns body -> R and sits L Hip -> Ground
    • Hero is now facing to Opp feet
    • Hero L Knee -> Opp R Hip/Stomach which prevents Opp from turning R into Hero
    • There are a few passing options from here but we are going to say that Hero decides to turn back L to a Knee slice
  4. Hero turns L and Hero R + L Hands -> L + R above Opp Head; (AST)
  5. Hero L Leg posts -> L; Hero R Knee -> Ground
    • this is kind of like a knee slice
    • in this case Opp 1/4 guards Hero R Ankle
  6. Hero L leg reverse steps backwards -> Opp L side
    • Hero is again facing Opp Feet
  7. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Ankle
  8. Hero Head/Torso -> L and towards Opp Feet (AST) Hero R Hand -> Opp R Leg Back of knee
  9. Hero R Leg drives deep between Opp Legs (try to get hip on hip)
    • this is critical to set up for the knee bar
    • Hero needs to drive both legs deep -> Opp BackGlute area
  10. Hero R + L Ankle cross
  11. Hero L Arm Swims (UH) inside Opp L Leg
    • from here Hero can finish knee bar by driving Hips forward
    • if this fails there is also an ankle lock -> Opp R ankle
  12. Hero L Hand -> tip of Opp R foot; Hero L Arm (UH) Opp R Shin and Hero R Hand -> Hero L Forearm
    • Hero finishes ankle lock here

Okay those are the notes from one of my latest classes. I really like the movement ideas that are in this sequence but…. while doing a bit of research I came across one of Dean Lister’s youtube video which kind of destroys a couple of things above in relation with attacking the Knee bar and the Ankle Lock so I attached his video below. I am a big fan of Dean Lister and hope to train with at his gym one day.



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