Half Guard -> Escape -> Breakdown Opponent -> Side Control

  • Hero is in R Half Guard on R Hip
  • Hero R Leg UH -> Opp R Leg; Hero R Foot hooks Over Back of Opp R Calf
  • Hero L Leg OH Opp R Leg
  1. Hero R + L Leg/Knees sqeeze together and push/pull Opp L and up towards Hero Head; (AST) Hero R Arm drives -> Opp L Armpit
    • This is to get Opp to post R Arm -> Hero L above Hero L Shoulder
  2.  Hero switches hips hard -> Hero R Hip (AST) Hero L Arm -> Opp R back deep
  3. Hero gets into a smaller ball, gets head out from Opp R armpit and Hero L Arm OH -> Opp R Leg
    • getting head out is critical to escape
  4. Hero R Leg releases hook and goes -> inside of Opp R Leg
  5. Hero L Ankle/Shin slides -> under Opp R Ankle and drives Opp R Ankle hard -> R
    • this is also critical as it torques Opp Knee -> R which will help force movemnt of Opp
  6. Hero body pivots more -> R to come to knees
  7. Hero R ankle -> under Hero L ankle
    • this cross helps secure Opp R Leg
  8. Hero posts R Leg
  9. Hero R Hand -> Opp R Ankle Gi; Hero lifts Opp R leg -> outside of Hero R Hip
  10. Hero R Hand -> OH Opp R Inner Thigh
  11. Hero L Hand -> Opp L Inner Knee
  12. Hero drives on 45 degrees -> L to take Opp down
    • this puts lots of pressure and torque on Opp R knee
  13. Hero can now choose position to transition to ie side control, full mount etc…

Bonus: Half Guard Escape -> Whizzer Counter Sweep

  • from step 3 above
  • Opp  counters single leg by Opp R Arm Whizzer -> Hero L arm
  • Hero continues with steps above 4, 5, 6, 7… Step 1 below is following Step 7
  1. Hero R Hand dives under -> Opp L Ankle (AST) Hero rolls over on R shoulder
  2. Hero continues to hold Opp and pulls Opp body overtop -> R finishing sweep -> R


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