Side Control to Far Side Straight Armlock to Armbar

#1)Side Control to Far Side Straight Armlock to Armbar

  • Hero has Opp in R side control
  • Opp L Arm -> Hero R Neck (key detail)
  • Hero R Arm UH(under hook) Opp L arm; Hero L Arm -> back of Opp Neck
  1. Hero Head and R Arm squeeze tight -> Opp L Arm
  2. Hero L Hand comes over the top and -> Opp L Neck/Head; Hero L Hand/Arm pushes Opp Head -> L
  3. Hero stays low and slides R Knee across Opp Chest -> Opp L ribs and ground
  4. Hero L Knee slides over top of Opp Face -> Opp L Neck Area
    • Hero L foot can go -> Opp R Armpit for better stabilization
  5. Hero R + L Hands Gable Grip and Hero L Forearm -> just slightly above the Opp L elbow towards the triceps
  6. Hero tightens up on Opp L Arm with Head and ArmsĀ  to finish the Armlock applying pressure to the L Elbow Joint
    • The video below by Carnage BJJ/Jamie Jara shows the finish to this sequence.
    • It has slightly different leg seqeunce as he starts with his L Leg first and he decides to insert his L Leg under the back of the Opp Head. This works very well also and may provide better balance during the transition depending on your Opp.


#2)Failed Far Side Straight Armlock to Armbar

  • At Step #5 above Opp turns L Arm to avoid armlock
  • Opp L Arm bends 90 degrees and Opp L Hand -> Opp L rib/hip area
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Triceps/Elbow
  2. Hero L Arm posts High L
  3. Hero keeps Legs tight and pivots R to come 180 degrees(facing up) into armbar postion
    • hero L + R Legs are bent; Knees tight
    • Hero is on back
  4. Hero finishes Armbar by pulling down on the Opp L Forearm and lifting hips.