Step Over Collar Choke from Side Control

  • Hero is in R Standard Side Control
  • Hero L Hand ->back of Opp Head thumb in Gi Collar
  • Hero R Hand ->UH Opp L Arm
  1. Hero R Hand  -> Opp L Hip Gi; Hero R Forarm -> Opp Hips
  2. Hero jumps to R Knee on Belly
    • Hero applies pressure with R Knee to force Opp to roll onto R Side
    • Opp defends with R + L Arm pushing -> Hero R Knee (AST – ‘at same time’) Opp rolls onto R Side
  3. During transition Hero allows R Knee to slide -> Ground (AST) Hero keeps R Arm tightly against Opp Hips
    • This last point is important to control Opp Hips
  4. Hero L Arm slides L a couple of inches to a fairly loose Gi Collar Grip beside Opp R Neck
  5. Hero steps L Foot -> Opp L Neck; when ready + balanced Hero slides L Leg under Opp back of neck.
    • If needed you can windshield wiper your leg under the back of Opp Head
  6. Hero L inner forearm drops  L -> across Opp neck
    • Hero Elbow points -> L + Outside
    • Hero L Arm continues to apply downward pressure to finish the choke.

Below is a really good video published by Ray Coleman from Black dragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that demonstrates this technique really well.

Keep in mind that there are other variations. One common variations uses the idea of dropping your head to the ground while pulling with your arm and kicking with your leg backwards to finish the choke.

Modified Palm Up/Palm Down Choke from Mount

Modified Palm Up/Palm Down Choke from Mount

  • Hero is mounted on Opp
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp R Lapel 4 Fingers In
    • Opp now knows that you are going for a cross choke
  2. Hero L Arm -> inside Opp R Arm; Hero L Hand -> Mat and then Hero transitions L Elbow -> Mat
    • this helps isolate/kill Opp R Arm
    • Hero probably needs to lean slightly -> L to keep from being tossed/swept
  3. Hero L Arm reaches around -> top of Opp Head
    • Hero L Thumb -> Opp L Collar Gi; Hero Grips the collar
  4. Hero Forehead -> mat next to Opp L Head/Neck
    • this stabilizes Hero in position to keep from being swept again
    • this also allows room for elbow to come across Opp face in next step
  5. Hero L Wrist/Forearm -> Opp L face; grind across Opp face
    • Opp will defend this grinding action with R Hand which leads to step 6
    • Hero is driving Opp Head into Hero R Wrist
  6. Hero lets L Forearm slide onto Opp neck and drives Forearm down to the mat to finish choke
  7. Hero drops chest down on top of L Wrist/Forearm to  apply more pressure during Choke.

I found this modification in to the Palm Up/Palm Down Choke in the following video. Keenan Cornelius is excellent at breaking down moves. I have found his  videos extremely effective and useful. Really hoping to hit one of his classes one day.

Baseball Bat Choke from Side Control

Baseball Bat Choke from Side Control

  • Hero has Opp in R Side Control
  • Opp has R + L Hand in Home Alone Position
  1. Hero L Hand -> back of Opp L Neck Gi (thumb in)
  2. Hero R Arm swims under Opp L Arm; Hero R Hand -> 1-3 inshes beside Hero L and and ->Opp L Gi Lapel (four fingers in)
  3. Hero jumps up with L Leg posted L;  R knee on ground
    • often the Opp R Arm will defend by pushing on Hero R or L Arm to prevent pressure (not shown in video below)
  4. Hero R Knee slices L -> Opp R Arm to secure it -> ground; Hero may need to adjust L foot slightly L at this point.
  5. Hero bends R wrist to create “V” on outside of hand(this will fit nicely across Opp neck)
  6. Hero turns R -> N/S(Northsouth) (AST) Hero drops R Arm; Hero Head -> Opp R Hip to apply pressure
    • Hero R + L Elbows will touch or almost touch
    • Hero continues to turn to finish choke

This video from SidewinderBJJ does a great job demonstrating the Baseball Bat Choke