Closed Guard to Standing Pass

  • Hero is in Opp Closed Guard
  • Opp L Hand -> Hero L Lapel Gi
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Gi Wrist
    • Opp L Hand is dangerous here and ideally it would be good to break the grip but either way it is important to defend it.
    • In the video below Kurt Osiander(who has excellent videos) show this part Opposite and he breaks the grip. But everything else is much the same.
  2. Hero L Hand/Forearm -> Opp R Gi Belt/Inner Thigh
  3. Hero steps R Foot/Leg up and then L Foot/Leg Up
    • Important to stand up first on the side that the Opp Arm is trapped
    • Hero is now standing with good posture
  4. Hero L Elbow/Arm -> Opp R inner thigh and drives down -> ground (breaking closed guard)
    • As this happens Hero keeps R Foot on ground knee bent at 90 degrees
    • Opp L Leg is on top of Hero R Thigh
    • Hero L Knee falls -> ground
  5. Hero L Knee -> Opp R inner thigh and stays tight -> Opp R Outer Hip
    • Hero needs to keep Opp R Leg trapped tight -> ground
  6. Hero L Arm UH Opp L Leg; bring Opp L Leg -> Hero R Shoulder/Neck
  7. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Gi Collar/Back of neck
    • Hero needs to step R Leg up tight to Opp L Side
    • This is a very powerful position
  8. Hero reverse scissors R Leg backwards -> L
  9. Hero L Leg -> L which releases Opp R inner thigh
  10. Hero switches hips back -> R; (AST – At same time) Hero steps R Leg -> back of Opp R thigh in order to push Opp onto L Hip
    • Hero comes to R Cradle Position around Opp R Hip

The following video is by Kurt Osiander who is one of my favorite BJJ Instructors on Youtube. His videos are straight forward and no Bullshit. As was stated above he breaks the initial grip which is ideal.

Closed Guard Jump Pass

Closed Guard Jump Pass

  • Hero is in Opp Closed Guard
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp Gi Stomach (keep elbow tucked tight to sides and inside Opp Leg
  2. Hero L Hand -> Opp R inner thigh Gi
  3. Hero Maintains high posture and pivots L (45 degrees); (AST) Hero Steps L Leg backĀ  L (45 degrees)
    • this pivoting action helps to bring Hero R Knee -> Opp Tail Bone
  4. Hero L Forearm drives Opp R Thigh -> Ground
  5. Hero adjusts L Leg -> inside of Opp R Ankle (this is a key point)
  6. Hero jumps R + L Leg -> L past Opp R Leg (outside) preferably to knee on belly or side control
  7. Hero L Hand -> Opp back of neck
  8. Hero R Hand -> Opp R hip

Closed Guard Pass: From the Knees to Combat Base

Closed Guard Pass: From the Knees

  • Opp has Hero in Closed Gaurd
  • Opp has Hero Broken Down (broken posture)
  • Hero Feet are flat with tops ->ground
  1. Hero R(right) + L(left) Hands in “flat knuckle” position (or simply hands open) -> (means “go to”) Opp R + L Armpit
  2. Hero fights up to postured postion with one hand at time while keeping elbows in tight and bent
  3. Hero R + L Hands ->(go to) Opp R + L Gi Hips; Hero elbows are back, tight to sides, bent and inside Opp R + L Leg
    • Hero hands are flared slightly to outside; they are putting pressure on the ‘boney’ point of the hips which creates added pressure.
    • in the video below Jason Scully keeps his right hand ->sternum Gi
  4. Hero R + L feet go up on toes with heel off the ground (in the video below Jason Scully likes to keep the feet flat for balance)
    • this applies pressure to Opp Legs
  5. Hero turns roughly 45 degrees L; Hero L knee goes ->L; hero R Knee -> to Opp tail bone.
  6. Hero snaps body backwards and -> L to break Opp Closed Gaurd
  7. Hero R Knee -> up between Opp Legs; hero is on toes with Heel off the ground
    • this is an excellent ready/balanced position (“Combat Base”)
    • this is the end of the video below and there are many ways to finish the pass but here is one option
  8. Hero L Elbow pushes Opp R thigh -> ground which generally helps bring Opp L Leg up.
  9. Hero R Arm -> UH(underhook) Opp L Leg; hero brings Opp L Leg -> Hero R Neck
    • Hero R Arm maintains tight control of Opp L Leg; option is for Hero R Hand -> Opp R Lapel Neck with thumb in
  10. (AST as step 9) Hero L Shin -> across Opp R thigh
    • Hero can stay in this position now as it is an excellent controlling position.
    • Opp will dictate which way Hero will go to finish pass.

Option #1 to finish pass:

  • Opp pushes on Hero L knee to block pass to Opp R side
  1. Hero Pivots L and drives Opp L Leg -> ground
  2. (AST) Hero R Hand -> Opp R Lapel or back of Opp neck

Option #2 to finish pass:

  • Opp L Leg drives against Hero
  1. Hero reverse steps R Leg backwards
  2. Hero switches hips backĀ  and drives Opp R
  3. Hero takes side control.

Excellent video below by Jason Scully. He has a ton of great videos that have been helpful for me.