Closed Guard Jump Pass

Closed Guard Jump Pass

  • Hero is in Opp Closed Guard
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp Gi Stomach (keep elbow tucked tight to sides and inside Opp Leg
  2. Hero L Hand -> Opp R inner thigh Gi
  3. Hero Maintains high posture and pivots L (45 degrees); (AST) Hero Steps L Leg backĀ  L (45 degrees)
    • this pivoting action helps to bring Hero R Knee -> Opp Tail Bone
  4. Hero L Forearm drives Opp R Thigh -> Ground
  5. Hero adjusts L Leg -> inside of Opp R Ankle (this is a key point)
  6. Hero jumps R + L Leg -> L past Opp R Leg (outside) preferably to knee on belly or side control
  7. Hero L Hand -> Opp back of neck
  8. Hero R Hand -> Opp R hip