Mount Escape: Elbow to Knee

  • Opp is mounted on Hero
  • Hero R + L Arms are in “Home Alone” position
  • If possible try to bridge to get Opp to collapse forward making his R + L Arms go to the mat.
    • This will take pressure off the Opp knees allowing for an easier transition.
  1. Hero R leg goes flat
  2. Hero R Arm/Elbow stays tight to R Side
  3. Hero turn R to pivots onto R Hip
  4. Hero R Knee goes under Opp R foot (AST) Hero R Elbow slides down Hero R Thigh (Elbow -> Knee)
  5. Hero turns L and switches/pivots Hips from R Hip to L Hip
  6. Hero L Elbow slides down Hero L Thigh (AST) Hero L Knee -> under Opp L Foot
  7. Hero turns back R to come to Open or Closed Guard

In the Video below which was posted by Gracie Barra’s Mark Mullen he starts with the L Leg(opposite to the instruction above).