Double Leg Takedown

  • Opp and Hero are standing with R Leg forward
  • Opp and Hero have hands up and knees slightly bent in athletic position
  1. Hero  R Leg steps forward -> between Opp Legs (AST) Hero drops his level
  2. Hero takes shot; Hero Right knee drops forward -> Ground; Hero L Leg is posted L
  3. Hero Torso stays vertical; Hero Head -: Opp R Hip
    • Hero Head and Hips are up
    • Hero hits this position tightly and tries to knock Opp back
    • Hero eyes look in the direction of the take down -> R
  4. Hero R + L Hands -> back of Opp R + L Legs
  5. Hero steps up hard with the L Leg and drives Opp hard 90 degrees-> R for takedown

Below is a terrific breakdown by Bruce Steinel on the Double Leg Takedown. He has a bunch of good wrestling videos to learn from.

The Second video posted under MMA Coach on youtube is excellent and shows 6 common mistakes that occur when trying execute a Double Leg. This video has been very helpful to me as I am see myself making these mistakes in each of the points that he makes in the video.