Fundamental Triangle Finish

  • Hero has Opp in basic triangle entry
  • Hero R Leg (UH) Opp L arm; Hero R Leg -> Opp R Back
  • Hero L Leg (OH – overhook) Opp R Arm/Shoulder
  • Hero L Ankle -> Back of Hero R Ankle
  1. Hero lifts Hips up (Bridges)
  2. Hero L Arm/Hand -> Opp L Elbow
  3. Hero pull Opp L arm -> L
  4. Hero R Hand -> Back of Opp Head on L Side
    • This helps to continually break Opp Posture
  5. Hero L Hand switches with Hero R Hand; Hero L Hand -> Opp R Back of Head
  6. Hero R Hand -> Hero L Shin
  7. Hero R Foot -> Opp L Hip
    • this helps pivot Hero -> L
  8. Hero R Foot drops -> Ground R
    • this creates even more angle for Hero
  9. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Inner Thigh
    • this again helps with the rotation
  10. Hero turns L -> 90 degrees
    • this sometimes creates a gap at Opp neck and with Hero L Leg
  11. In order to get rid of this gap Hero L Leg straightens and then Hero pushes L Leg deeper -> Opp R Neck and finally reclamps
  12. Hero R Leg/Back of Knee -> Hero L Shin/Ankle
  13. Hero flexes both feet up; Brings Heels -> butt and lifts hips to finish triangle
  14. Also Hero squeezes R and L Knees together

Stephen Kesting is a good friend of mine and I own a bunch of his DVDs and Apps. The following video has a detailed explanation of the fundamental triangle choke sequence. While I have never met Elliot I think he is also an excellent instructor. There is a wealth of info in their spider guard series.

Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting teach you how to tighten your triangle choke. From ‘Spider Guard Masterclass’, available on DVD –


Open Guard -> Turtle Attack -> Dope Mount -> Head and Arm -> Mount -> Triangle

Phew that is a lot to take in… but this is a nice sequence. I will break each one down to the best of my ability and try to get some videos linked that highlight each phase. Hope you enjoy and find it useful!

  • Open Guard Pass
  • Hero is standing in Opp Open Guard
  • Opp is leaning to Opp R side
  1. Hero R Hand -> Opp L Hip Gi; Hero R Arm is inside of Opp L Leg
  2. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Knee Gi; Hero L Arm is forcing Opp R Leg -> Ground
  3. Hero Sprawls R + L Legs and keeps hips high
  4. Hero L Arm drives Opp R Knee down and -> R
    • this forces Opp onto L side and allows Hero to pass Opp guard/legs
    • in this case Opp chooses to go to turtle; rolling away from Hero
  5. Hero follows Opp with R Leg/Knee -> Opp L Leg/Hip area; Hero L Leg is posted -> L
    • Hero is now on Opp L side with Opp in Turtle Position
    • This now transitions into the Turtle Attack
  6. Hero R Arm goes over Opp Back and Hero R Hand -> Opp R Inner Thigh
  7. Hero uses R Arm to pull Opp back onto L side
    • sometimes it is good to get a reaction here by pushing the Opp -> R and when they counter back L assist their momentum back -> L
    • Opp is pulled back on to their L Side which sets up for the Dope mount and Head + Arm Attack
  8. As Opp is falling onto L side Hero R Leg -> between Opp R + L Leg
  9. Hero R Arm -> Opp R Neck; (AST) Hero Head -> Opp R Shoulder (ear to shoulder)
  10. Hero windshield wipers legs; Hero L Shin -> R to trap Opp L Thigh and Hero R Leg -> (OH – Overhook) Opp R Leg
    • Hero is now in Dope mount and is setup for Head and Arm Choke
    • from here it is important for hero to sink Head and Arm deep by driving Hero R Arm hard -> L
  11. Hero L Leg slides up  -> Opp R side to secure mount
    • Important to pin Opp Shoulders -> Ground
  12. Hero jumps R + L Leg -> L and stays up on toes with hips in air
    • from here Hero can finish Head + Arm Choke by dropping hips, staying on toes and walking legs/body around clockwise -> L
    • but we are going to say that Opp defends by either putting arms together or doing ‘telephone’ defence
    • from here we are going to transition from failed Head and Arm -> Triangle
  13. Hero L Arm/Hand -> Opp Gi Stomach
    • this is just a bait to make Opp think you are attacking his Gi
    • Opp defends with L Hand by trying to block Hero L Arm/Hand
  14. Hero L Hand -> Opp L Wrist Gi and pulls Opp Arm -> L
    • this is the trap
  15. Hero L Knee slides up -> Opp R Shoulder/Back
  16. Hero R Leg steps over Opp L Arm; Hero R foot -> back of Opp L Neck
    • kind of like ‘S Mount’
    • through this transition Hero maintains downward shoulder pressure
  17. Hero L Hand -> Hero R Shin
    • this is setting up for triangle
  18. Hero R Hand -> Hero R Back of thigh
    • this is a very strong position as it effectively traps Opp L Arm in place
  19. Hero rolls -> R and on to back; (AST – At same time) Hero L foot -> Opp R Hip
    • Hero stabilizes position in anticipation of applying triangle
  20. Hero L Back of Knee -> Hero R ankle
    • from here Hero finishes triangle by pulling down on head, squeezing knees together etc…
    • there is also a strong armlock throughout this  triangle that can be applied to Opp R Arm