Sit Back Triangle Escape

  • Hero is Opp Triangle
  • Hero Right Arm is in the Triangle
  1. Hero R + L Hands ->Opp Belt, Hero pushes belt away and postures
    • this will sometimes break the triangle but not likely
  2. Hero R Hand ->Opp R Wrist Gi
  3. Hero steps each leg up and then sits on butt; R Foot -> Opp L Armpit; L Foot ->Opp R Armpit
  4. Hero kicks and arches back breaking Opp Triangle
  5. Hero swims R Arm under Opp R Leg and pushes it -> R
  6. Hero scissors Legs and comes -> R Craddle position

Here is a breakdown by Submissions 101 whose videos I have found very useful over the years. In the video he does it with his left arm being in the triangle but it is easy to see the concept. He also crosses his feet over the Opp stomach instead of putting them to the Opp Armpit.

Fundamental Triangle Finish

  • Hero has Opp in basic triangle entry
  • Hero R Leg (UH) Opp L arm; Hero R Leg -> Opp R Back
  • Hero L Leg (OH – overhook) Opp R Arm/Shoulder
  • Hero L Ankle -> Back of Hero R Ankle
  1. Hero lifts Hips up (Bridges)
  2. Hero L Arm/Hand -> Opp L Elbow
  3. Hero pull Opp L arm -> L
  4. Hero R Hand -> Back of Opp Head on L Side
    • This helps to continually break Opp Posture
  5. Hero L Hand switches with Hero R Hand; Hero L Hand -> Opp R Back of Head
  6. Hero R Hand -> Hero L Shin
  7. Hero R Foot -> Opp L Hip
    • this helps pivot Hero -> L
  8. Hero R Foot drops -> Ground R
    • this creates even more angle for Hero
  9. Hero L Hand -> Opp R Inner Thigh
    • this again helps with the rotation
  10. Hero turns L -> 90 degrees
    • this sometimes creates a gap at Opp neck and with Hero L Leg
  11. In order to get rid of this gap Hero L Leg straightens and then Hero pushes L Leg deeper -> Opp R Neck and finally reclamps
  12. Hero R Leg/Back of Knee -> Hero L Shin/Ankle
  13. Hero flexes both feet up; Brings Heels -> butt and lifts hips to finish triangle
  14. Also Hero squeezes R and L Knees together

Stephen Kesting is a good friend of mine and I own a bunch of his DVDs and Apps. The following video has a detailed explanation of the fundamental triangle choke sequence. While I have never met Elliot I think he is also an excellent instructor. There is a wealth of info in their spider guard series.

Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting teach you how to tighten your triangle choke. From ‘Spider Guard Masterclass’, available on DVD –